Will the odds of winning a "random" fishbowl drawing go up with the use of a unique card design?

An unscientific, informal social experiment

I love dropping my business card into various establishments' fishbowl drawings because I love to win prizes. Who doesn't love free stuff?

My very first business card was nothing out of the ordinary except that the front was 100% cyan. That bright, glaring card, which I only used for a short time, won me several free lunches. I have dropped many a boring company card into prize drawing bowls in the years since and have not won another prize.

This leads me to believe that the drawings are not as "random" as they appear to be.

"Hmmm" I thought, "I'm a designer, what can I do to get noticed again and win some more free stuff?"

And that's when I came up with the goldfish business card. If you scanned the code on the back of my goldfish to get to this page, then at least I've already caught your attention.

If you're ready to get noticed too, contact me.

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